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We never lose sight of our three main objectives
which we call our Operating Principles.

1. Provide a Terrific View in a Spectacular Setting

We work very hard to provide spectacular personalized service and sumptuous cuisine. However, we know the real cachẻ of Top of the Tower is the breathtaking views. Our views afford a truly unique setting for your conference, wedding or social event. So, with every room design special care is taken to protect these splendid views for your enjoyment.

Contemporary Cuisine
Top of the Tower Food

Carrot-Ginger soup with Fried Ginger Garnish


2. Maintain Client Focused Service

At Top of the Tower clients are not lost in the 'hustle and bustle' of large venue conference centers and social space. There are two large rooms on each floor separated by a long hallway. Even if you are not our only customer, you will always feel as though you are.

Top of the Tower has a professional staff dedicated to giving you maximum results. For weddings you’ll deal with our wedding planner right up until your wedding day. For meetings and conferences a designated conference planner assists you in realizing your objectives. Our goal is to develop a personal relationship with you so we know exactly how you want your
event to unfold.

3. Serve Contemporary Cuisine at Good Value

Top of the Tower menus are inspired by Executive Chef Matthew Lane. Our menu selections are remarkably diverse. All of our foods are house-made … even our salad dressings. You can see and taste the difference! Our sales staff will assist you in designing your event menu, or work with Matt to customize a menu for you. We consider your tastes, needs and budget to identify the right combination of foods to serve your guests. We are committed to providing a variety of price points.

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